Honoring the wounded, self-healing individual.

“If there is a single definition of ‘healing’ it is to enter with mercy and awareness those pains, mental and physical, from which we have withdrawn in judgment and dismay.” —STEPHEN LEVINE

Life for all its glory can be brutal, and leave us stunned and stuck. Resiliency is healthy development in spite of dire circumstances. Resiliency Therapy fosters the ability to bounce back. Toni will help you find the key to your resiliency.

Each therapist has an answer to the question “What heals?” Toni’s answer is that trust and readiness are essential, compassionate attention has an encouraging effect, slow-grown insight anchors growth, and the natural push to wholeness fuels the process.

How is it that normal development can occur in the face of abuse, conflict, tyranny, and deprivation? Toni’s Resiliency Research reveals factors that sustain growth in these depleted soils. These factors include such things as a childhood sanctuary, like a special tree, neighbor or teacher; habits of reading or sports; the stamina and determination to find meaning; a talent to transform anguish into art.