About Toni Drew, LPCC

With deep pleasure and vital interest, Toni’s vocation is to search the nuanced complexity of human experience, with a heart for healing the confusion and suffering which it can bring. Tenacious, her search does not stop here but proceeds to unearth the meaning that heals, coheres and transforms.

As founder and creator of Resiliency Therapy, Toni is in private practice working in the tradition of depth psychology. She provides counseling, psychotherapy, couples counseling, clinical supervision, ethics consultation, and workshops. Her research pursues the interconnection between individuals, Spirit, family, culture, biology, environment, and history.

She founded, and for eight years was Program Director of the Resiliency Therapy Community Corrections Program: an intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for men and women on parole and probation. Toni ferried clients across the rivers of disempowerment and bureaucratic tangles onto the safer banks of competence and opportunity.

Toni’s other practice is yoga. As an adjunct to her study and performance of ballet and modern dance, Toni began studying yoga in the early 1970s. For the past 17 years she has taught weekly classes in Toniyoga.

Toni is a former professor of psychology, ethics, communication, and the liberal arts at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at St. John’s College, Southwestern College, The College of Santa Fe, and The New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. Her education in Moral Philosophy prepared her to serve for 11 years on the Bioethics Committee at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center.

In 1981 Toni was awarded an Investigative Reporters and Editors Award (IRE) and a National Newspaper Association Award (NNAA) for co-producing “Hell on Earth: The Penitentiary of New Mexico,” an exposé of the violent riot. The exposé involved unprecedented cooperation between print, radio and television.